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Excel 2010 Stopped Working notice

I now have two files that crash in Excel 2010 upon opening.  The exact phrase is "Microsoft Excel has stopped working".  The error reference is to VBE7.DLL, version  I have removed all available references to VBA except Visual Basic for Applications and Microsoft Excel 14.0 Object Library, as they must be being used as I cannot remove them.  I have reinstalled Excel and tried Safe Mode, but the problems keep occurring.  Calculation is on Manual.  The two files are large, with several external references and many conditional formats.  I cannot even get to the Update pop-up request, as the files crash just before opening.  I had used each for several days after they were created before they suddenly ceased being operational.  No significant changes were made after creation before they stopped working.

Is there anything I can do to get these files to open?
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Are you able to open these documents in any other computer?


Try the steps in the link below and see if it helps




Marcus DAlmeida