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Workaround for issue with License Manager in Maps 3.0

Created by mccbleue
Technical Level : Intermediate



I recently had to reformat my N96 following an issue not related to Nokia Maps, but having done so and reinstalled everything (including the current version of Maps: v3.04 09wk26 b02 MWOpenGL LM MN), and was unable to use Maps for anything that needs a licence (navigation, updating licence data etc.).


Each time Maps was started, it gave the error: "This application requires License Manager. Download?" - if I said Yes to this, it downloaded a file called LMUpdateServlet to the Download folder in mass memory, but this file was not a recognised file type so could not be installed or opened with any app in the phone. Say No and Maps opened but any attempt to access any feature that needs Licence Manager caused the whole application to shut down.


Having tried once more to reformat and reinstall and hard-reset the phone and reinstall (If you uninstall Maps through the app manager, Maps Updater does not recognise that it's gone so a reformat seems to be necessary to reinstall), I still had the problem so I had to call Nokia customer services. Initially, they lead me the merry dance of reformatting the phone (which I explained I had done more than once already), and deleting the Cities folder and reinstalling Maps data (even though this is not anything to do with Licence manager). Eventually they said they would escalate the problem to the people who develop the software, and they came back saying that Licence Manager had either been deleted (not so) or overwritten with an older version during the installation of another app. The only other licensed app that I use is QuickOffice, so I reformatted the phone once more and installed all of my other apps, including QuickOffice, first, leaving Maps for last. This indeed did fix the problem, as I now have Maps working OK again after about a week of making phone calls.


However, what happened to me would easily happen to other users who install a third party software that is bundled with an older licence manager, and it is clear that the inbuilt process in Maps 3.0 is faulty and unable to fix the issue itself.


Therefore, if you have this licence problem after installing another app, you will probably have to reformat your phone and then reinstall everything - make sure you reinstall Maps 3.0 very last. Likewise, if you reformat you device as I did to solve a different issue, when you set up your phone again make sure that you install Maps 3.0 only after installing all your other stuff, just to be safe.


This situation reveals three flaws in Maps 3.0 in its current form:


(1) Licence Manager does not block other installations overwriting itself with an older version that is not suitable for Maps 3.0;
(2) The process built into Maps 3.0 to fix this problem does not work;
(3) Maps Updater does not allow you to reinstall the application if it is already up to date, which would be another simple way to fix problems.


Until these are fixed, we need to be careful how we maintain our Maps 3 phones...

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