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E72 and BirdStep SmartConnect

Created by grschinon
Technical Level : Intermediate



BirdStep SmartConnect (see http://www.birdstep.com/Products/Birdstep/SmartConnect/) is an application that's designed to provide network-aware applications with a feature similar to Symbian's "destinations" when those network-aware applications only support connectivity via a specific network access point.


It creates a new access point that you can place in any of your destinations, but when invoked, it walks through a prioritised list of access points, establishing the connection that's the highest possible on your list.


One example of such an application is the Nokia Messaging application that ships with the E72. The E72 is a S60v3FP2 device that supports destinations, but it is only possible to specify a particular access point to use in order to synchronize your e-mail, for example.


BirdStep SmartConnect works on the E72 with firmware versions up to and including V023. V031 includes SmartConnect in the ROM image, but the version supplied doesn't actually work (d'oh!).


BirdStep have released a patch to install on V031, which gets the whole thing working again. See at the bottom of this page:




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