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Battery life tips for Lumia family Windows Phone devices

Created by Kosh---01
Technical Level : Intermediate



This posts addresses some questions raised about battery use with a Nokia Lumia family Windows Phone


Even though it is not a necessity a reset after performing a (major) update will often give a better result because this will trigger a re-calibration of the battery over a number of charge cycles. What this means is that you will see a performance increase over time.


Keep in mind that with a reset all user information will be lost so make sure all contact and calendar data is synchronized to their respective sources (LiveID, gmail, Exchange) and audio, video and pictures are synchronized to your Windows PC using Zune or your Mac using the Windows Phone Connector. Previously downloaded applications (paid and free) can be downloaded back to the phone after a reset by using the app Reinstaller from Marketplace.


At this time SMS and MMS messages can not be backed up although they can be copied (by using copy/paste) to OneNote in Windows Phone Office which will store them on SkyDrive.


A reset is performed by selecting Settings>About>reset your phone. After the reset is complete the device first use sequence will be offered again where the primary liveID and optional Nokia Account can be setup.



Smart phones like a Lumia family Windows Phone usually will require a lot more energy compared to feature phones. A larger screen, constant hi-speed mobile internet access, temperature and quality of connection with the mobile network as well as distance to the network towers all influence the battery life.


A number of Lumia family phones use Clearblack super AMOLED screen which will provide an excellent and vibrant screen even in direct sunlight. Black on these screens is also truly black as the screen pixels are actually turned off for black. This also means that they use a minute amount of energy in this state. When using high brightness settings or when displaying white or vibrant colors the screen will use more energy. Obviously this will also influence battery life.



When you use many free version of app keep in mind these apps are paid for by ads which are sent to your phone while using the app. Obviously this will mean you will be using more energy as a regular connection is required for these ads.



If you use a wireless network (Wi-Fi) at home or if such network is available at a location you frequent it is a good practice to set these up on the phone so it can switch to these networks whenever they are in range instead of using the mobile network.



Whenever a network connection becomes active more energy is used. Polling mail servers, synchronizing social media, contact and calendar data and receiving updated information for live tiles and background tasks all require more energy if these are performed more frequently or when you are in an area where there is bad connectivity to the wireless network which requires these actions to be repeated multiple times or transfer of data will take longer.


 Also if you make sporadic use of the mobile network or if the main reason for a connection is any of the above mentioned you will be able to save energy when you switch to a slower network mode like EDGE where available. You will find this option in Settings>Mobile Network 'Highest connection speed'. You can find more information on these settings on windowsphone.com. Keep in mind not all options mentioned in this support page may be available to you.


In Marketplace you will find a number of (free) tools like connection Tiles which allow for fast access to these settings from the start page of your Windows Phone so you can quickly switch to a higher speed when you want to use apps or functions which would benefit from it.



Some applications like Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive will require a lot more energy as they use multiple features of your Lumia phone like the GPS receiver for a prolonged period of time. In these cases it is advised to always connect to a charger while using these apps. You can use a suitable car charger or when you do not have direct access to a power source you might want to consider the DC-16 universal portable charger.  Which will provide a full extra charge for your phone.



It would be a safe assumption that a nightly charge cycle would be required to ensure a full (working) day of operation. While charging to full capacity will not require more then a few hours at most it is completely safe to leave the phone connected to the original charger as it will switch to so-called 'trickle charge' which will provide a very low charge to keep the battery at full capacity while the phone is idle. Power consumption from your wall socket will be very low in this state, not that a charger will use much energy anyway.


I hope these tips will provide useful for you, if you have any question then feel free to ask in the Windows Phone Forum.




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