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YouTube videos will not play in Internet Explorer 9

Hi michaelconnolly,
- What happens when you try to play the Youtube videos?
- Do you get any error message or error code?
Try installing the latest version of Flash Player and check if it helps. 


You may download and install the latest version of Flash Player by visiting the following link:

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I tried numerous times uninstalling the new version of flash player and I cannot view youtube video. I am operating a 64-bit system and have Exployer 9 32 bit loaded. This is the fix adobe requires. It still doesn't work. Help!

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· Are you able to play other videos apart from YouTube?

· What happens when you try to play video?


You may try the steps listed in the link: Troubleshoot video problems using Internet Explorer:


If the issue is only with YouTube, then please post your query in their support forum for better assistance:

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This happened to me recently also. It appears Goggle is trying to get rid of Flash on Youtube and automatically entered me in a trial for HTML5 without my knowledge. If you right-click on the video and click on HTML5 link it will take you to a page to opt out of the trial. Now the videos work perfectly for me. (Found this accidentally after much headache and blameing Flash.... poor flash. v.v *hugs my flash player* I will never leave you again! T^T Mean ol' Google.)