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TerrySchulz asked on

I cannot get rid of this search engine Blekko

I cannot get rid of this search engine Blekko.  I have deleted it from my available web browsers, and any program that was downloaded today.  I cannot figure how I got it.

Original title: How to uninstall Blekko, My start???

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Basith M replied on
Microsoft Support Engineer


I would suggest you to try removing the Blekko search engine from control panel and check if it helps.

Follow the steps to uninstall Blekko:

a.       Close all your browsers.

b.      Click Start, and open Control Panel.

c.       Open Programs and features.

d.      Search for the Blekko Search engine.

e.      Right click it and click uninstall.

f.        Restart the computer and check if the issue persists.


If the steps provided did not help, then it would be better to post the same question in the Blekko forum for further assistance.

Blekko forum: http://help.blekko.com/


Hope the information is helpful.

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UncleUK replied on


I dad as sugeted , but could not find Blekko in list.. I had removed the programme Adaweire that it came down with.I click on to put Fierfox  back.But Blekko still on.
I am not so good on PC's I am dyslexic.So some what chalingde. Thank you.
Ken D Williams

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Steven. S replied on


Hey Ken,


First try downloading the Microsoft Safety Scanner and run a Full scan to see if it can find/remove any malware from your system:
Microsoft Safety Scanner


If the scan completes and you still are being redirected, try following each of the steps provided in the troubleshooting guide linked below to fix your hijacked browser:
PC Security - Fix your hijacked web browser
Edit: Fixing the link above^


Hope that helps.

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UncleUK replied on


Thank you , I deleted as it came down with an up date from AD-AWEAR up date. Out of frustration I went back a month to a time I was not affected. Happy to say that worked. Now I trust I am free of '' Blekko. I hope my solution will help others with that problem.

Thank you ,

Ken D Williams
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JYOTULA replied on


Dear sir, 
            I request you to tell me, how you able to delete this bloody: Blekko.
I am suffering with this SEARCH ENGINE.

           The Restore Function in my computer is not working.

          Please, if you can help me.
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pashute replied on


Do NOT follow Basith M's support instructions!!

DO NOT GO to the blekko website! They are obviously malware.

Also, don't fall for any non legitimate "blekko remover" - they just make the situation worse.


I reported this entry as abuse.


I don't have an answer, but currently disabled extensions in my IE, disabled the toolbar (still new page goes to blekko) and can open google (or bing) manually . I can't access chrome at all any more. Hope I find a solution soon.

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PeterGaissberger replied on


This is a most naive answer. It looks that you do not have slightest idea how bad and dangerous blekko is. The steps you suggest can not remove blekko at all. It takes much more than that. Furthermore your advice to contact the Blekko forum makes your answer even more laughable. I think you do not quite understand that Blekko is a very bad malware. So do you really think they tell you in their forum how to remove their stuff from your computer ? Stop dreaming please. In my case ADWCLEANER did the job. Many thanks to these people there.
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pashute replied on


I uninstalled chrome and re-installed it, and that did the trick.
Also installed open source clamwin antivirus.
Because its open source, anyone can check it and see if its legit. (Which it is)
as opposed to these "Blekko removers" that ARE NOT,

So, now my chrome is free of Blekko, which is malware, and aggravating, but is NOT defined as a VIRUS by any of the known antivirus programs.