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http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=74005 - Internet Explorer cannot display the web page

IE was working fine until 2 days ago. now it says IE cannot display the web page. and this is ib the address bar. It says i'm not connected to the internet, but as you can see with mozilla I am. Whats going on?
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Jessen P replied on
Microsoft Support Engineer

Hi ladysparks,

Welcome to Microsoft Answers!!!

You may follow the methods in the order they are presented and see if they can resolve the issue.

Method 1: Reset the modem or the router

To do this, follow these steps:

1) Disconnect the cable that connects the computer to the modem.
2) Turn off the modem and the router.
Note: If the modem or the router does not have a power switch, disconnect the power to the modem or to the router.

3) Restart the computer.
4) After your computer has restarted, turn on the modem or the router, connect the cable from the computer to the modem or the router, and restart the computer.
5) Make sure that all network cables are securely connected.
6) Start Internet Explorer.

If you receive the same error message, go to Method 4 and proceed accordingly from the link below.

If the modem or the router does not have a power switch, disconnect the power to the modem or to the router.


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smartblonde replied on


I have encountered the same problem as above.  My IE was working fine on 12/12, but when I tried to get online last night (12/13), first several IE windows launched simultaneously.  I finally restarted my computer because I couldn't get the windows to close.  I uninstalled Ad-Aware, since it seemed to have caused a problem on another computer being able to access Microsoft Updates on 12/10.  This time when I tried to to launch IE, I had 10 windows open simultaneously, although this time I was able to get them to close using Task Manager.  I restarted my computer again, and this time tried uninstalling IE8, rolling it back to IE7, and at first I thought I'd solved the problem because only one IE window opened this time - but then it kept showing http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=74005 on the tab, and if I entered another web address, it would change back to that address of go.microsoft.com....74005 and it gave me a blank page.  I tried resetting my modem also.  I ran a full scan this morning with Norton AntiVirus in case it was a virus, and the scan showed no viruses or anything. I also noticed that if I click on "help" in IE, and then try to access anything like the contents and index, it won't launch the help screen. (OS is XP, current to the latest service pack and updates). 

It occurred to me that I did run Microsoft Update on that computer on 12/12, and it restarted without any problems, but if I recall correctly, I believe that an update for IE8 was included and done.  We have a laptop that runs on XP Pro (also updated to the most current SP and consequent updates), we ran Microsoft Updates on that computer on 12/11 and it did the same updates. I just booted that computer up, and IE8 is running fine, so I don't know if there was a possible issue with how the update downloaded and installed.

I am going to try the suggestion by Varun to use KB956196.  I also went to the MS Fix It page and looked at the article "How to reset Internet Explorer settings".  It gives a link for the "Fix" as well as instruction to do it yourself.


I will let you know if it works for me - even if it doesn't solve my problem, this may be of use to ladysparks or someone else in the meantime!
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ladysparks replied on


Thanks for trying to help but it isn't the router that is causing my problem. The router has been turned on a number of times, it's been turned on before and after the computer was turned on. IE just isn't recognizing the computer is connected to the internet. it says something like IE isn't being used to configured my wireless connection. I'm not sure what that means, because IE has been working until about a week  ago now.  I'll try and see if smartblonde's link will help. Thanks again to all for trying to help. If this doesn't work I'm going to the geek squad.
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ladysparks replied on


Well I tried what smartblonde suggested and it didn't work either. I thought I'd do a restore point to a day when it did work but that's not working either. Geek squad here I come.
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Robert Aldwinckle on forums replied on
IE was working fine until 2 days ago. now it says IE cannot display the web page. and this is ib the address bar. http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=74005. It says i'm not connected to the internet, but as you can see with mozilla I am. Whats going on?
That redirects here


Do you see that happening in the Status bar?

What happpens if you just try to go there directly instead?

BTW did you just uninstall IE8 and revert to IE7?  Otherwise I don't know why a Vista user would be seeing that page.

Always disclose your OS and IE version when you are asking for help.
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ladysparks replied on


My boyfriend did forget to put the os, which is xp professional, in my post. Sorry for that,  but runonce didn't work either. Thanks
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Robert Aldwinckle on forums replied on


My boyfriend did forget to put the os, which is xp professional, in my post. Sorry for that,  but runonce didn't work either. Thanks

I'd like to see answers for my other questions too and could you please be more descriptive than say "runonce didn't work".   Remember, your words have to substitute for what our eyes might notice.
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smartblonde replied on


Sorry not to update sooner, but with the holidays, I only had time to tackle this on 12/20, and it looks like I'll be working on it some more either after Christmas or New Year's.  In case someone else has this problem in the future, I'm updating my post to what I've tried so far.  If anyone (including someone from Microsoft Support) has better suggestions, please offer them!  Maybe MS can use this info to create an article for the knowledge base?

I started with Varun J's suggestion to use the following article:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/956196
I started with Method 4 (deleting browsing history) per his suggestions above, and I had no change whatsoever, still getting the go.microsoft....=74005 and the page itself was still completely blank/white - it didn't even give me the infamous IE cannot display the page.  Next, I tried Method 5 (use the IE no add-ons mode), but my IE tools menu didn't give me a list to disable.  From there, I went on the the "Advanced Troubleshooting" in the article, Method 3 for testing IE by using safe mode startup option that enables networking.  While I still got the go.microsoft...=74005, at least now the page was no longer blank and said IE wasn't connected to the Internet (which I truly wasn't at that point).  I then went to Method 8 to reset IE configuration settings.  Still got the go.microsoft....=74005 and my page now said IE cannot display the page.  I then re-enabled everything in the list of add-ons to be disabled/enabled, do each one at a time.  When I enabled my Earthlink toolbar, I was still OK, but when I enabled the last 3 items that were Earthlink-related, I was back to the blank/white page again, so I uninstalled my Earthlink toolbar (and then all 4 add-ons that were EL-related were no longer on the list).  Unfortunately, it only got me back to the go.microsoft....=74005 and my page said IE cannot display the page.

Then I referenced article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/318378 on installing or repairing IE in Vista and XP.  I started at Method 2 to reinstall IE 7 or 8.  Since I couldn't access anything with the effected computer, I downloaded IE8 on another computer (selected "save" instead of "run" and saved it to my Cruzer) to get the file to the effected computer.  The problem persisted.  I finally came to the conclusion that I would have to reference "Troubleshooting for advanced computer users" in the article, which suggests performing an in-place upgrade (reinstallation) of Windows XP and gives
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315341.  I came across an article on a repair installation of XP if a later version of IE is installed, which since I currently have IE7 on my computer (I uninstalled IE8 after it was clear it didn't solve the problem), I thought I might need the info.

If somebody has anything else to suggest that is less drastic, that would be great, but right now it looks like I'm going to have to try some kind of repairing or reinstalling of XP.  Good thing I keep my files (documents, pictures, etc.) backed up on a regular basis...

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PA Bear MS MVP replied on
MVP MCC: Content Creator

If you've just installed IE8, see...

If you just installed an IE8 update, see...

Fact: Norton and McAfee applications are notorious for not uninstalling (or upgrading) cleanly. The "leftovers" may be your troublemaker - especially if a Norton or McAfee free-trial came preinstalled on the computer when you bought it (even if you never used it).

~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
MS MVP-Windows Client (Security, Update Services, IE & Mail) since 2002
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smartblonde replied on


Thank you, PA Bear, for the suggestion, but it didn't work for me.  Hopefully someone else will be more lucky than I and it will work for them!

Regardless of what web address I enter into the address bar, it redirects me back to go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=74005.  The problem didn't even surface immediately following MS updates - I ran updates, restarted the computer, and everything worked fine online and offline for the rest of the day.  The next day when I connected to the internet and my browser launched and kept launching over and over in rapid succession, IE stopped working and wouldn't even give the go....etc and didn't even give me the message that the webpage couldn't be displayed.  When I thought maybe something was corrupted, I rolled it back to IE7, then at least I got go.microsoft.com etc. but the screen was completely blank, no message and no matter was address I put in, it wouldn't redirect.  It was after I tried the several things I posted on 12/22 that I was even able to get the message that the webpage couldn't be displayed.

I was checking for something else on Dell's website, and since all our computers are Dells, including the one having the problem, I checked on there to see if I could find any other options.  At least I found that I might be able to do a Dell PC Restore, which would restore everything back to the settings from the factory.  They also had a link to a MS article that I may try to uninstall IE7 and roll it back to IE6.  Given that I would need to do that if it comes to reinstalling XP, it was good to find that info as well.  I just have a suspicion that a file or files in IE have been corrupted.  It would be nice if there was some way to "completely" uninstall and reinstall IE, rather than have to go through the hassle with the OS (time-consuming and tedious).

Thank you again PA Bear for your help!
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