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IE8: Windows 7 speech recognition hangs on long webpages

I have managed to replicate this problem with windows speech recognition, and Microsoft Internet Explorer; on the firstthree independent machines I can find so far (in the UK). I have a simple way to test the machine. This is how the problem showed itself up.


Run windows 7 speech-recognition so that it isn’t asleep but awake and listening  (e.g. on a UK machine)

Start Internet explorer (e.g. version 8)

Go to a long webpage (e.g.  http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Adolf_Hitler&oldid=386452903 ; wikipedia article on hitler dated 23Sep2010)

Try scrolling by pressing the up and down buttons; it starts to hang


As soon as speech-recognition is on sleep mode or turned off it’s OK.  I suspect it is also the underlying issue behind similar incompatibilities with windows 7 speech recognition and Skype reported by others.


If anyone else tries following the instructions I'd  be interested to know you what you find. Also if someone wants me to post this under speech recognition please specify exactly which section to put it under. Thanks.

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Steve Diesel replied on


Try using speech recognition for different application and check.

OPen some other link apart from wiki and check if the same thing happen.

If you have installed any tool bars in IE then uninstall and check.

You can also try clean boot and check.

Refer this link:


Hope this info helps.
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wrecktaste replied on


Thanks Steve
Speech-recognition usually works fine for other applications, but there have been a few similar issues with Microsoft project and Skype. However this one with Internet Explorer is the most predictable and easiest to reproduce.
The problem occurs on any webpage that is very long; here is another example http://search.thaiza.com/word/index.php?id=50&page=331
I have tried opening Internet explorer without any add-ons and I still get the same problem.
Following the link you sent I'd tried doing a clean boot; stopping all non-Microsoft services (I didn't stop Microsoft services because it said it would delete my restore points). But I still got the same problem
So thanks for the suggestions, but no fix yet. If you have a minute could you have a go at trying to reproduce it on your computer? If you've used speech recognition before it should only take a minute (see original post for instructions). So far I've managed to reproduce the problem on every computer in the UK I've tried.


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Steven. S replied on


Hey Wrecktaste,


Does this happen on other webpages? (if so please include them in your next reply)

Does the same problem occur on a pages with lots of text, example: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb727030.aspx

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wrecktaste replied on


Hi Steven

The webpage you mentioned does also seemed to trigger the behaviour but it's not quite as bad as my other examples (i.e. less delay on keystrokes). I used Microsoft word to give a word count and page count in case thats of any interest.
e.g. your link
is approx 21,000 words, 40 pages

Here are my other examples:
is approx 57,000 words, 156 pages
is approx 34,000 words, 100 pages
is approx 8,000 words, 26 pages


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johnsy616 replied on


I can reproduce this issue on win7 32 with IE9 beta
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wrecktaste replied on


Thanks Johnsy616 for looking into this

This seems to confirm it is a widespread and fundamental bug

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wrecktaste replied on


unfortunately the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 didn't fix this, and the bug is still there
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wrecktaste replied on


The issue is again replicated with the official release of IE9 (v9.0.8112.16421)
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